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listSort() Function

Returns a sorted list.


  1. [listSort(list, sortType)]

The sortType determines the type of sort to use. If sortType is "A", normal alphabetic sorting is used, and "Monster11" comes before "Monster3". (Default behavior) If sortType is "N", the first number in each entry is effectively padded to 4 digits, so that "Monster3" comes before "Monster11". The sortType can have a second character of "+" or "-" to specify an ascending or descending sort.


  1. [h: UnsortedList = "Monster11,Monster3,Monster12,Monster66,Monster87,Monster71"]
  2. [h: SortedList = listSort(UnsortedList,'N')]
  4. Unsorted list: [r: UnsortedList]<br>
  5. Sorted list: [r: SortedList]


 Unsorted list: Monster11,Monster3,Monster12,Monster66,Monster87,Monster71
 Sorted list: Monster3, Monster11, Monster12, Monster66, Monster71, Monster87